About Dorien

Dorien HoogerheideDear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my site!
Let me introduce myself and explain how all this came into being.
I have been receiving divine messages since 1998.
These came to me at a time of great change in my life. I had always been looking for a sort of essence in life, a firm ground to stand on while doing your day to day things.
I went to visit a psychic in 1998. I found myself at crossroads and for once did not have a clear cut plan what to do. This medium told me I had to get into contact with the heavens and that my future would be linked with the divine. I would be writing books about this contact as well.
I remember this day as my new birthday. Without knowing exactly what was being asked of me I just knew that this was what I had been looking for all those years.

I first asked: Who am I talking to? The answer came immediately: “God”.
I replied: Are there more of you? (having in mind the Indian gods; thinking that there may be one who talks to people). God said: “Is only one”.
I now started having doubts about my newfound ability: Why then are you talking to me? I was definitely not the suitable candidate to talk to God, never having been conscious of the divine on earth. I was not raised a Christian but had a feeling there must be something more, but that was all.
The reply was: “I talk to everyone in the universe and I do this to everyone at the same time.” God also said that I was among the people whose task it is to open everyone’s eyes and senses to this contact which is waiting for everybody.

I started writing down all the messages I received and immediately wanted to know Everything! Well, things did not go that fast. Each time I got the answer: “This will come later, first of all start with knowing yourself!”
I still am at that point, but in the meantime some great answers were revealed.
In my book: Love for your self (still only available in Dutch) God gives His ideas about the world and how each person can find his or her assignment on earth (that which you have chosen to do this life). The essential thing the human race has forgotten is to love himself. This is not egoism, but love for the inner core of the soul. Love for your divine centre. The book gives you some ideas and exercises to discover this self-love again.

I do realise that the word God is very loaded. When I asked for a definition, the following was said:  “I am the all-encompassing energy in the universe”.
God does not mind what He is called: Divine Force, Spirit, The Source, The Light.
Everything is all one, is love.