Love for Yourself

The title of my first book is: Love for Yourself.
In this book God speaks directly to you. It is about finding balance in yourself and knowledge about life. It also tells us  how the world above helps the world below, first of all by renewing our self-love. God speaks candidly about Creation and the role of the heavens in earthly life.
You can also use it as a guide how to discover  your personal assignment in life and find happiness that lasts.
The book includes some exercises on how to do this.

Love for Yourself is for sale on order at every bookstore or direct via the publisher Elikser .

More about the book:
“Knowing that man has a divine core and receives divine love is the greatest reward of the human condition.”

“The inner self of every man is enough to save the world.”

With these words God speaks through Dorien Hoogerheide and to anyone who needs support, comfort and wisdom. This way of communicating with the heavens is also called channeling. One is, as it were, a conduit for messages from other realms.
Dorien writes about this contact: “It was a huge revelation to me that the heavens are listening. Not only God, also angels and deceased loved ones try to make our daily lives more enjoyable and help us in a variety of ways, even if we do not believe in their existence.
This contact started in 1998 and since then my life has become completely different. From someone who thought ‘that there is Something above in the heavens’ I turned into a person who can no longer live without it. The greatest gift for me is knowing that there is a loving God who knows what happens on earth and finds every being worthy of His attention..”

Love for yourself offers a helping hand. You get to know your life’s purpose and learn how to radiate your light and love. The help that is provided through this book is loving and uplifting. It shows you how you can access your deepest core and follow the road that is meant for you so you can find permanent happiness.

The book appeared for the first time in 2009 and brought many people valuable insights. Now there is a second revised edition, updated to current times.