February 2024 – Insight into your own life means insight into the great whole

“Dear Readers,

The solution to earthly problems lies here in My heavens. So to find these solutions, you need to tune in to the divine. A great number of people are already able to do this and they will make known what needs to happen to make Mother Earth the paradise that it was meant to be. This process is already going on and do not despair that it will come too late. Try to give voice to your optimism every time, that way you are helping create the great field in which the solutions can come to fruition. You may be one of these people who every time can intuitively feel which way the world needs to go. It is never just one person who has all the solutions, it is all of you together, each in his own field. So it is not only for the world’s leaders to bring light, you are all here on earth for this purpose.
The great leaders of this earth are not the ones who are at the top now. A number of them is in jail and a fair few are not known to the greater public yet, but may of them are already busy preparing a new earth. It is up to you to contribute to this development by making your own life so beautiful that you will spend every day in joy, happiness, gratitude and love. Insight into your own life means insight into the great whole. Clarity comes on all levels then.
See the unity in everything, know that you are a part of that unity and that it is this greater whole that creates the new paradise on earth.
My blessings are with all of you, dear Readers.”

January 2024 – Keep believing in your own light

“Dear Readers,
You have entered a time in which you sometimes will not know who your friends are and who the ones are that do not wish you well. This happens often in the universe and is not a proof of My absence or of Me not existing. Terrible things happen on Earth and I know of them and I am guiding these processes by touching the soul of the ones involved. You are unable to oversee everything regarding My involvement in Earth’s happenings. Many of you doubt My presence because these atrocities can happen, but all this is part of the great whole and meanwhile your human development continues.
The person who chooses the good, will be enlightened by My touch. The person refusing the good, cannot bear this light so that this soul has to wait for another opportunity.
Keep on believing in your own light, my dearest child. Know that you are the one who can bear all of this and emerge triumphant. A new age is coming and you will be witness to this. Thanks to all of you these new times are coming. Thanks to you making a choice for yourself, for the light, for love and for Me.
Make the connection with Me every day and promise yourself to enjoy every day.
I give you My love, light and blessings back a hundredfold.”

Christmas Message 2023 – Gaze into a candle-flame

“Dear Reader,

It is My greatest wish to see you happy and I am doing all that is in My power to make this happen. In this Christmas time the light in your soul will be touched and its frequency enhanced. You will feel a moment of inner power without any reason from outside. Your inner voice will speak and your light body will increase. This gives you the courage and power to carry on.
In the coming days it is a good idea to gaze into the flame of a candle for a few minutes, dear Reader. It is very good and calming for your spirit and it connects both halves of the brain.
Drink something warm afterwards, this way the feeling of wellbeing remains.
Almost all of you want to save the world. By gazing into the flame and wishing the entire world all that is good, you are contributing your light to the great Light of My blessing.
I love you dearly, My lovely Reader, walk on in My Light.”

November-December 2023 – Find your inner happiness

Dear Reader,

Give yourself the strength that you wish to give to others. In these times it is important to stay strong. You do this by taking your thoughts to the core of peace and harmony that everyone possesses. Often you are flung out of this core and taken to places of despair, discord, misery and confusion. Go back every time to that place of healing, the warmth in yourself. You can do this by establishing a point of focus within yourself, a symbol of light. This can be an beautiful landscape, a sparkling diamond or a picture of an angel. Something that makes you happy. This symbol brings you back to your centre whenever you think about it. Keep on kindling this flame. Your light stays on whatever happens, but you have to keep yourself warm. Your energy level stays high if you do not go out of yourself but stay centered.
Make sure that you have something to look forward to every week. That can be something small: a cup of tea with a friend or a short trip to somewhere. In this way you can stay tuned to the happiness of your soul.
I see each of you personally. Know that we are helping you, no matter how dark the world looks. Help is always near. We ask you to call on us whenever you need help. You don’t need to do it on your own and for us it is no trouble. So, lovely Lightbeing, enter this wintertime with a warm heart and a radiant love for yourself and everything around you. Blessings are upon you.”

October 2023 – Tune in to your essential frequency

“Dear Reader,

It is now time for you to tune in to your essential frequency. This frequency resonates in harmony with Mother Earth. To do this, you go outside and stand as close to your home as possible, or to your place of birth. Inner peace is required and to get this you may accept the fact that you are doing well in your life. Even if you have done bad things, you still have done okay. Also look at the people you have made happy, even if you have only smiled at a passer-by. Try to reach and fixate this feeling of peace and harmony into your heart. Know that I love you and that we are forever connected.
This is the way you are standing now. You are able to connect yourself to My frequency because the essential frequency of Earth is My frequency, dear Reader. Everything resonates with one another and whenever you feel this resonance, you will be happy. You sometimes say: I am not quite in tune with this or that, or: I’m not on the right frequency today. That is exactly what it is and it all has to do with selflove. When that feeling returns, you will connect again with the universe, into that huge field of unity in which everything is possible. Practise this, dear Reader, go outside, stand there and try to feel the vibration of Mother Earth and absorb it into your entire body.”

September 2023 – See happiness in everything

“The development of the universe is the first priority of My realms. Take this term literally, dear Reader; it is the reverse process of incarnation to the original state of being. It is an enormous way of enlightenment throughout the whole universe.

My intention is that every sentient being and every piece of matter may exist in great happiness and that all negative influences brought on by the process of incarnation will be neutralised. I am helping this to unfold, but you, being a part of Me, are also involved in this. All sentient beings are helping to enlighten all of Creation, inviting Paradise back on earth.

See yourself as co-Creator, dear Reader, starting with your own life. If you can feel happiness in your life, you are creating and causing this happiness to expand. Do not linger on the past, look towards your own future. Tell us what you really want and do at least one thing that contributes to your wishes, every day.

Your happiness is the key to the world’s happiness. I need not tell you that this does not work when you want to take unlimited wealth unto you. What you shall receive is unlimited energy.

Now I stand in your world with new ideas to turn the tide of darkness. Happiness will guide you through these coming tides. Try to see joy in everything; in your daily routine, your meals, your cup of tea and in your pleasure to help others. Small acts have great consequences. You do not need to do anything big to save the world, dear Reader, a glance full of love is enough.”

August 2023 – Come into your soul consciousness

“Dear all,

Summer is coming to its end and you are preparing yourself for day-to-day life. Do not let yourself be discouraged by the information given to you by the government. Use the power that you have built up this summer and know that when you take a moment for yourself, you will be invincible. That moment of peace is important to regroup, to return to your soul who is directly connected to Me and to Truth.
What I would like to give you now is an exercise to instantly return to your soul consciousness.


Go with your thoughts to a beautiful picture of an angel, or a natural landscape where you would like to stay forever. Breathe in this picture, so that it is anchored in your being. Place yourself then into that landscape or in front of that angel who looks at you with love. Create an interaction with that beautiful image.

Then call upon your soul and mentally say to yourself: ‘I am now connecting myself to my soul and I ask her to speak.’


By doing this you create the stage for your soul to let the truth come through. Do not expect an immediate answer, if it comes, so much the better.

This is a way to reach your higher consciousness. Practice this and feel the difference. Insight about your true being will emerge.

I am always with you, feel the combined force of us both. You are so much more than you think you are.

All My blessings for you, dearest one.”

July 2023 – Help to change the powers that be

“Dear Reader,

I have created the universe according to certain laws and these remain in operation. I am going to bring change however to the way in which these laws are executed by mankind.
The beautiful results of these laws have not been realised yet because mankind keeps going round in circles and that is the wheel of matter.
The big laws of the universe have to take place the way they should: to restore the happiness for every being on earth. This wish is shared by many of you, but the people in powerful positions have other priorities. This is going to change in a very special way.
I am helping these people to change their point of view. If they do not want to change, they will become a victim of the changes that are going to happen anyway.
So if you want to help, send out the wish  into the world that they will change their minds. This is the simplest way. If they do not want to change (and a certain percentage will refuse to change), they will fall down and that is a certainty.
Keep these words in mind for a later moment when things get difficult.
A great solution will come and every one of you is contributing to this by your positive, loving thoughts and deeds.”

June 2023 – Your state of consciousness determines your point of view

“Dear Reader,

Where everything is going right, it is saying something about the energetic state of the person in question. Stated otherwise: if you are in harmony with the universe, everyting goes right. You experience this when you are feeling completely in tune with everything; it feels as if the world is another place. In a way this is true because you are in another state of consciousness. It is the perception that decides whether something goes right or not. Now you will say: there are things that happen to us that are not okay. That is true. And still it is so that when you enter a higher state of consciousness, the division between good and evil will change. There is still good and evil, but you will encounter is differently: you will see it not from the bottom up but from the top down. These are very complex things to understand, especially now you are all living in these turbulent times but it is something to remember for a later time.

The same goes for judging others. Know that every human being has to go the same path and that is that from ignorance to unity with everything. It does not matter where someone stands on that path. See your fellow man as a travelling companion on a path that you have chosen yourselves. With one person it is an easier journey than with the other, but still you are helping one another, each in his own way.

Do not give up, wonderful things are going to happen and keep believing this, dear reader. Keep your faith also in Me and My realms, for our presence is a certainty that will never change. All My blessings to you.”

May 2023 – Every thought is a creation

“Dear Reader,

See all the work you have done on yourself in the past as pure gain. I mean that every positive thought about yourself, others, the world and life contributes towards the great sparkling field of light that encompasses and permeates the earth.
Do not worry too much about the future but live consciously. Allow yourself to enjoy to the fullest that which you have been given. Live in joy, dear Reader, regardless what happens in your life. Try to live energetically, realising that every thought is a creation. What do you wish to create in your life?
Do not be afraid of the few dark thoughs that you sometimes have. Keep on looking at yourself in love and say Stop! And start to think in another direction. Do not put yourself down because of it. Create an image for yourself that makes you happy. This could be a holiday memory, a beautiful landscape of an image of an angel. When you feel yourself getting sombre, recall this image, it will be your handle to grasp, bringing you back to your high energy level. This is mind-training, dear Reader, everyone has to become conscious of the power to shape his life by his own thoughts. If you do this for a couple of months, you will become much more positive and stand firmer in life. Your world will approach Mine and when these to come together, you will see Pardise emerge on earth.”

March-April 2023 – Let your soul speak

“Dear stewards of the Light,

What I would like to tell you about today is the essence of enlightenment. That is the acknowledgement of your own divinity. It is very important that you are all going to see what a huge part the light plays in your soul. Most people hide their soul and let her prompt the personality from the background. The soul should take centre stage and speak freely. The personality may of course join her, but the soul should be able to speak first.
Focus your thoughts on your soul and say: ‘May I invite you to speak today onto the stage of my life?’ Your soul will always answer positively and with joy.
You will notice a great difference in the way your day passes. You will walk much lighter and events will string together in a logical fashion so that you will think: ‘Wait a minute, I had a plan, I did it and it all goes perfectly! One thing follows the other and now I know exactly what to do.”
You will feel like a surfer on a wave which carries you onwards.
To allow the light inside yourself you don’t need to do a lot. Your consciousness needs to take the first step to really want this. Your will comes in here, dear children; you have to want for the soul to speak and when you have experienced this a few times, you are keen to carry on. Then life is beautiful and you go on so well that you don’t want to miss this feeling. This is the most important step in these times and I would like to take it now together with you all.
All my blessings and love for you, dear children.”

February 2023 – Think on a high-energetic level

“Dear Reader

It is time for you to keep your energy level permanently high. You can do this by protecting you aura by visualising a beautiful colour or a golden, silver or diamond coating. Every time you experience something negative, think of that protective layer and let it bounce off. You can let the information through and learn from it, but the negative emotion stays outside. This way you will stay centered.

How did you wake up this morning? With a joyful feeling, or with the remnants of a bad dream, or were you jolted awake? Monitor this every morning and say: ‘I give thanks to Life that I may be here and we are going to make this a lovely day.” Then you step out of bed with this positive attitude. This seems simple advice, but it makes you stand firmly on the earth without being blown hither and thither.

It is important to get used to thinking more on a high-energetical level. On this level you can permanently reach out to My world. Keep in the back of your mind that you are always connected to My world, your true home. Know that there is always a small active part of you receiving information from these high sources. So do not think that you are not one of these people who receive high information, every person does this every day. The question is however: How conscious are you of this and what do you do with it?

This is the basic training for the new Mankind, dear Reader, and you are one of the first of these.

All blessings from Me to you.“

New Year’s Message from Above 2023 – You are the one who makes the Light return

“Dear Reader,

Let Me begin with wishing you all a blessed 2023 and with the promise of My guidance in everything you do.
In life there are some periods in which you do not know how to proceed. This is one of these periods. Know that this is exactly the right moment to transform this uncertainty in faith, in knowing that you are everything that you need to be right now to enjoy a glorious future. This glorious future lies in each day when you get up in the morning. Great things can only be done in realising this.
Courage and faith go hand in hand, dear Reader and I give you these now in both hands. Man is infinitely more than he seems to be now. Take a moment and try to touch these uncharted territories within you. Ask for a door to be opened and you will step into the treasure chamber of your consciousness and who knows what fantastic things you will experience there. Sit down, take a quarter of an hour and focus on your heart. Then ask the above mentioned question and wait quietly. Your intention guides the meditation. Give yourself time every day for this exercise coming month and you will see your consciousness and horizon broadening.
Enjoy the return of the light on earth, dear Reader, you are the one creating it.”


December 2022 – I wish you happiness

“Dear Reader,

Your great challenge nowadays is to stay happy in these chaotic times. It has never been  the plan to let Creation suffer, to put humanity down, to bring the great whole in all its diversity in danger. It has always been My plan to make Creation blissful.
I will now allow you a glimpse in My kitchen and that is not for a new Chrismas recipe but to show you who I really Am and that is the highest energy in the universe and the greatest source of love there Is. You all are a part of this. Imagine Me as a Being that is so unbelievably large, loving, light and beautiful that it is almost impossible to conceive. The joy one experciences on seeing Me will never disappear.
You can take an advance on this joy and that is being happy with yourself and with the fact that you are here now and are a great source of light yourself. The joy of being on Earth is generated mostly from the soul’s realisation that this is a temporary stay and that you will go back to your true state of radiant happiness and higher consciousness. So try to enjoy this time as much as possible, even in difficult times. It is all temporary anyway. Here on earth you get the chance to enrich yourself greatly with experience and growing knowledge of who you really are. There is no greater joy than when you come back here to hear that you have done a great job.
Do not complain too much about life, dear Reader. I know, it is perhaps not exactly as you wanted it to be, but you are the one who chooses the things in life that fit you and make you happy.
Make your highest choices; the great good of love for yourself and for others, be it human, animal, vegetable or mineral, is the highest choice you can make. That means generating loving thoughts and creating your life in such a way that you use the earth’s sources with a conscience.
Enjoy and celebrate this Christmas, the light within you, in your loved ones and in Creation.
Dearest Reader, know that my love for you is so great, you have no idea. I wish you all that is beautiful in these times.
Your dearest God has spoken.”

November 2022 – Every act of love counts

“Dear Reader,

Everything will change on earth in due course and you will all be able to catch a glimpse of the world as it should be; where all living beings are living together in harmony and joy. Your presence on earth now is of crucial importance to the realisation of this beautiful world, for you are the ones that create it and every act of love counts. By the time that this world comes into being, you will all be here or you choose to incarnate again to experience this beauty for yourselves. You will all be given a place at the front of the queue, my dears.
Every one of you needs to remember this earthly task now. For many it will be difficult to struggle for something knowing you will not be able to see its results in this life, but everyone has chosen this life in full realisation of this fact.
It does not mean that there will not be any beautiful things happening in your life, dear Reader, you are more than welcome to enjoy these to the fullest.
Thanks to you all will be well and we are with you in this important task. Follow your life’s assignment in joy and know that you are not alone in this.”

September 2022 – Ascension

“Dear Reader,

I would like to give you a little introduction to ascension: reaching towards a higher consciousness. Know that all of you are doing this, whether you know it or not. It is a prerequisite of creation, all matter is subject to ascension. In a life of growth there are always things that have to be resolved. Man weighs, considers and chooses and that is precisely how it should be. Know that in fact you always make the right choice because you cannot do otherwise. There is one condition and that is: do you choose  light or do you choose dark? You cannot always see this straight away and that is where intuition comes in. Everyone has it; does something feel good or not good?
My advice to you is therefore: listen to your intuition. You need a quiet place for that.  If you are not sure, wait a while. Go on with your life quietly and make your choices. It is important to put yourself first and enlighten yourself. Then you start radiating and  contributing to the world. Every good thought you think makes a difference and makes sure that the great happiness is coming closer. It really is already there, dear Reader, in your life as well. Even if you are in trouble, know that your day is blessed, because it is and you are, too.“


July – August 2022 – Inner power is the key to inner peace

“Dear all,

Great changes are happening in the world and in your life. Do not be afraid of the dark forces that are coming ever closer. Nothing can happen to you when you know that you are connected to Me. Make a small daily ritual of inviting all the good powers and ask for their sacred energy to permeate your house, grounds and everything in it. It is essential that you keep believing that the positive powers will triumph. Even if dark forces are knocking on your door, your space is light. Evil will disappear when you shine light on it. You are asked to show your courage and to keep standing and believing in your own goodness.

Beautiful things are happening too. People who connect and form circles of light, people who know their own greatness and use this for the good of mankind. The heroes of mankind are in you all, look for him inside yourself. Inner power is the key to inner peace.”


June 2022 – Every positive thought counts

“Dear Reader,

Crystal clear messages will be coming to you in different ways; be on the alert for them. New times and a great shift are approaching. Your insight is growing and you will feel the new vibrations coming to you from the future. My hand in your world is becoming visible, inner processes of change see the light of day and you are coming ever closer to the resting point of balance. You know this when you see the greater picture and you are standing firm in your life. Take care of yourself in the coming months, dear Reader, take a rest when you are tired and go do somenthing important when you have plenty of energy. The new circumstances will take you out of your comfort zone, but this means you are growing.
The coming times are decisive for the future of mankind. Your decision to remain true to yourself and to do what you think is best for yourself and the environment contributes to the wave of happiness that inundates the earth when she is saved by the great good.
The earth is at the point of tilting and every good thought to her adds to her salvation. Your gratitude and good care to her environment are crucial. It is the small gestures that count: picking up a plastic bag from the street, helping an elderly person to their feet when they have fallen, or a friendly word to an animal when it crosses your path.
Try to make such a gesture every day, dear Reader, the outcome will be enormous. If you are not able to do this, send a loving thought to the earth, your fellow man, an animal or plant. Everything counts and adds to the chalice of light.”

May 2022 – Keep up your energy

“Dear Reader,

Insight into the world’s situation is starting to seep through with many people. Most of you who are reading this, already have these insights and you are starting to get worried about the threatening situation. The best way in which you will be able to do something about it is to stay in balance, physically and mentally. By staying calm you will keep seeing the greater picture. Your greatest asset is your soul’s consciousness. Go there every day, you do this by tuning in to your highest self and to Me. Keep thinking at this high level. If you find this difficult, ask yourself: What would Jesus do? Train yourself to maintain this high level of consciousness, do not become swallowed by fear, despair and doubt but stand there, radiating like the god or goddess of Light that you are. You have the responsibility to unveil your own light and to let it shine. Know that this is a joyful process. The higher you get, the more beautiful life is.
Keep standing firm physically as well. Below you will find a quick and simple exercise to do in the morning to open your energy system and to be fully receptive to My light.”

God’s exercise
Keep up your energy

Go outside and inhale the fresh air.

1 Stretch out your arms above you with palms together.
Make a circle with both arms, 7x to the right and 7x to the left. Feel your vertebrae being realigned.

2 Open your palms  and receive My love and light, cascading over you like a waterfall.
Then lower your arms.

3 Stretch your left leg in front of you and let your foot circle 7x to the left and 7x to the right.
Do the same with your right leg.

4 Look up and stretch backwards as far as you can. You may put your arms akimbo or on your back. Receive the sunlight lovingly.

5 Put your arms akimbo and rotate your hips 7x to the left and 7x to the right.

6 Bring your palms together and towards your chest in the Namasté position. Be grateful for everything and open your energy channel (Sushumna) to Me. This way it is connected to me and to Earth. Enjoy your day in peace.

April 2022 – Freedom is a right, not a gift

“Dear Reader,

Your energy is increasing again due to the apparent freedom these days. The big danger however seems invisible and that is the gradual, destructive influence of habit. You see your recent freedom as a feast, while it should be just seen as your right of existence. Keep your thoughts on the time before these developments and remember how you felt then. Freedom is a right, not a gift.
The best thing you can do now is to enjoy this apparent freedom, but start making plans in the back of your mind to keep this freedom and let it continue in times of restrictions and lockdown. You can do that by organising small groups and meeting other groups so you can exchange information.
Everyone likes to know for how long this situation will continue. Dear Reader, I cannot tell you that yet, but think of some months in crisis and some years in total. That is from this moment on. You should get through these times in relative peace but with ever invasive regulations. Know that you do not need to comply with everything without needing to stick your head out.
Our crystal clear energy keeps raining down on you, this helps people to keep their courage.
Big changes will come this year, but go one step at a time. Preparation is everything and because of that you will go through this period so much better than when you don’t want to know anything and you do not inform yourself about everything outside the established media. Prepare for a time in which people’s rights will be curtailed and the individual will be forced to comply with the new laws. This only seems so because you can always dodge this. Hold on to this thought, dear Reader, and you will stand strong with like-minded others.”

March 2022 – Be Happy with God

“Dear Readers,

You have stopped putting faith in your leaders, but you will have to remain under their rule for a while longer. The times of insight have come and this gives you doubts about everything. Learn to live with these doubts because more is going to happen in world politics.

As a citizen you cannot do much now, the die has been cast. Know however that you have all the power to shape your own life and in doing that you still influence the world stage. Hang on to your values and keep your eyes onto your own holy circle. This circle contains your soul, body and spirit, your loved ones and your possessions, like your house and other necessities. Take care of the things in your circle and help others care for theirs.
Small-scale living is the form of the future and this is a time of training for you to establish a firm basis together with a view to My worlds. This connection is the key to the future, dear Reader. Today’s leaders do not yet realise that every person is directly connected to Me and that this combination is invincible.

Your task for these coming months is to be happy with Me, dear Reader. I am very happy with You and I am returning this happiness to you in hundredfold.”

February 2022 – Stand your ground and think light

“Dear Reader,

In all parts of the world a war is going on. War is an armed conflict. See the threat of war in Ukraine as a follow-up of this. The steps that Putin has taken are necessary for the balance on the stage of the world. It sounds strange but you will understand in time. More threats are coming; why I say this to you is so that you can prepare yourself and not panic or lose your positive attitude.

See everything as a chain of events to shake loose all the evil in the world. Keep up your eagle’s eye, dear reader and do not forget your own rôle in this. Keep on doing wha you think is right, connecting, giving love to others and the world around you, to nature and especially to yourself. Now is the time to put your spiritual training in practice and stand for it.

This is your moment to stand up and to keep on standing. You, who are reading this now, are the forerunners on the energetic stage. Keep yourself connected to that energy of light and then connect with each other on that fantastic field of light that hovers over the earth. This field will later on put an end to all battles. Keep this field in your daily consciousness, it is more important than your job.

Your world leaders are in a very difficult position and need light energy and wisdom, dear reader, so send this to them in your meditations.

Do not forget to enjoy these times as well, joy and laughter are the opposite of war. Beautiful times are coming and you will certainly be a part of this.

Giving you all my blessings and love.”

January 2022 – Create your own future and stand by it

“Dear Reader,

Difficult times are not yet over, but your inner knowledge grows daily. Keep looking at the situation from a distance. What are the lines the politicians want you to follow and what are your own lines? Which way do you want to go? Connect with people who choose the same path as you and meet regularly to share your experiences. Take care not to sit in your house without friends, acquaintances or kindred spirits. The challenge is yours now to reach out to others and to choose your line of direction consciously.
Know that the world will be OK. Try to express your wishes for the world every day by a short prayer or ritual. That way you are connecting the great field of wisdom here with the material world. The more connection there is, the quicker the change.
Look at this time also as a great step forwards for yourself. You are the one who needs to stand powerfully now and who speaks up for what you think and wish. This way you are moulding your future and you are doing this together with people of the same mind.
Do not be afraid of what may happen when you voice your opinion, just do it and you will see that this empowers you. You are creating a possibility for the future, you are opening a door through which others may go. It will give you good energy, dear Reader, and it will strengthen you for the coming times.
Do not forget that we are at work here for your happiness and we are bringing you light in dark times”

November-December 2021 – Meet your divine spark

“Dear Reader,

In the times that come you will need the essence of your soul. Know what it is and how you can reach it. The essence of your soul is your divine spark, it is a part of Me, your most sacred essence. Every human being has the same spark inside their soul. When you become conscious of this, it will grow and will become a greater part of your life; it will synchronise with the great wheel of the universe. All sorts of things will happen to you that you just wished or that are necessary at that precise moment. Coincidence? Life is no longer a struggle.

How can you come into contact with your divine spark? That is very simple: just by loving yourself, dear Reader. Send a thought of love to your own heart. In these festive times you will receive many good wishes from friends, relatives and acquaintances. Send one of those to yourself and follow its course: to the essence of your soul. This spark will grow, the more love you put in, the bigger it gets and its radiation grows. So practise this sending of love to your innermost self in the coming days. Know that you are a good person and that the mistakes you make are to learn from and not to keep rehashing every day. Not for nothing is it a learning moment, so do not let it colour your whole history. Heal yourself by increasing your divine spark and letting it expand to its greatest size. When you are doing this, your shadow parts will seem a lot smaller than when you look at them all the time.

My wish for you, dearest one, is that you may see Me through your own divine spark and that you may realise that you and I are One. Know this and nothing bad can happen to you. All blessings to You.”

October 2021 – Inner Power

“Dear Reader,

Look at the world and ask yourself what you can do to improve it. Your thoughts immediately go to the outside world and everything around you, but when you realise that every thought is a creation, you can change the world with positive thoughts. In this way you will do more for the animals, plants, the earth and your fellow men than when you go out there with your doubts to heal the world. What I want for you is to discover this unlimited inner source of power and that you are going to use it. I will ask you therefore to visualise this source every day. If you are a creative person, make a creation of it, draw, paint, make a model in clay or stone. Put your heart into it. If you are not creative, perhaps you are good with words; describe this great source. You might say: I’m neither creative nor a linguist! Well dear Reader, not to worry! You are just going to stand there and feel the energy well up inside you, making you feel the leader of your own life. You are in charge. Your power is greater than that of an army. Do you remember the photograph of the man in Tiananmen Square holding back an army tank just by standing there? Feel that force of just one human being.
You have no idea what other powers are inside you, dear Reader. You have immense powers that are always there. The more you wish to do good, the bigger that power gets. It has to do with the energy of love the universe is made of.
When you get up in the morning, stretch out and feel My love and power bubble up inside you. Your day will be better and you will be an example for all.”

September 2021 – Loneliness

“Dear Reader,

The end of summer is in sight and you are all preparing for a time of retreat, but not of loneliness. Loneliness is an illusion, dear Reader. You may be alone and needing company, but know that you can always create this yourself. You are always in control of your own life. The cause of loneliness is often not being able or daring to reach out, caused by things that happened in the past. These things need to be looked at and to be let go of lovingly. Look at yourself with love. Accept those little things that are in the way of being your greatest self. Accept them and then let them go. Letting go means seeing that they are no longer important for your present and future. Look at these old things with a wink and let them go. You are above them now. Whenever you are in a mood that nothing comes out of your hands, force yourself to do something, even if it is only opening your mail, decluttering your desk or cleaning something small. This creates fire in your body and when this fire is lit, it allows you to go on. It also has influence on your mental state. Should you be unable to do this, go outside for a minute, go to your balcony or stick your head out of the window. Walk outside for a couple of minutes. These moods of apathy can only be overcome by some bodily activity. Your mental system will start to work again.
You should be able to feel your inner power again and you will be able to think of a structure for the day’s activities. These need only be three things, but do try do do them. One of them should always be a ten minute meditation. This gives you back your original place in the greater whole. You are then centered in your body consciousness, and you will feel connected with My world. It is very important to take the initiative to reach out to the heavens; by asking a question, uttering a wish or expressing gratitude or joy. We wil react directly on this. When you still feel lonely, think of a few things you are grateful for. Think yourself out of this negative feeling, dear Reader. Gratitude is the best means to do this. Gratitude is abundance, loneliness is scarcity. Always believe in abundance, also in that what you now think you are lacking. Take all responsibility for your own life and know that when you do this, I will support it, but the initiative has to come from you.
I promise you great results, dear Reader.“

August 2021 – Time for contemplation

“Dear Reader,

There is still freedom before the restrictions will apply again. My advice to you is to look at everything you have and to ask yourself if there is anything of importance that you need to purchase. I would do that in the coming weeks because now you can walk about and make your choices in freedom. This is not tot make you afraid, dear reader, you will always be able to do your shopping, but you will have to uphold the pleasure in doing so when the restrictions are imposed. What I ask of you is to prepare yourself for another period of lockdown, but also one of reflection, of realising: I have a good, warm house, my clothes are OK and I can now leave the material world as it is and go within. The coming months will give you that. Take your time for this process. Look what you have learned the past year and see what you can do with that wisdom. Do not worry, that is the most important piece of advice. When you are not feeling well, try to do something about it, preferably with natural cures.
In a period of lockdown it is better not to make huge changes in your lifestyle unless it is really necessary.
There comes an end to these times and then the world will celebrate. Visualise that moment, dear reader, and keep on seeing the advantages of every situation. It is good mind training to move along with flexibility and still to go your own way. It is time for you all to form your own opinion and to realise that all information is clearly laid out, you only have to look for it.
Use this time as one of contemplation. Radiant energy is omnipresent and eternal. Know that you can always tap into this eternal source of energy, happiness, love, faith and prosperity.
Try to hold on to this positive energy. Meditate daily and you may utter your wishes then, for yourself and for the world. Make your house beautiful so you enjoy entering your home. Tidy up and heal the space by cleaning. It is not the disinfecting that is important, but the energetic cleanliness of your living space. Then the energy can flow freely.
These are all pieces of advice to stay happy and healthy, dear reader. Know that you will come out of all this on a higher energy level.”

June/July 2021 – Keep up your high energy level in the field of unity

Dear Reader,

Try not to worry in these chaotic and confusing times. In the meantime you have found a way to live with a positive mind and to block those influences you do not want in your life. Learn to think in energy instead of matter. It means that when you stay high energetically, negative influences will not touch you. Staying high in energy means to accept yourself, love yourself and to know that you are doing well because your intentions are good. If that is the case, every action is good, no matter the result, it is the intention that counts.
Your commitment to your life’s assignment is also important. If you do not yet know what that is, try to find it. The wish to do so is the key to your answers. These can reach you directly or via someone else.
Another piece of advice is that you should not be afraid to be infected, in whatever form. People are afraid whether they are injected or not. This fear lowers your frequency.
Try to see everyone as your brother or sister. This is not so much for the others as for yourself. When you feel that everyone and everything is one, a certain field opens before you. This is the great field of love, energy and information and it will bring you further. Hang on to the feeling of universal love, also for the person who has a different opinion than you. Even for the group of people who are responsible for this health crisis. They also are part of the greater whole. The more clear this becomes, the more often they are invited to see the other side. When you keep them separate from the feeling of unity, they are being confirmed in their evil deeds because they feel that there is no other way available. If they are being included constantly in the energy of unity, the possibility remains for them to see the light.
This is what I ask of you, dear readers. Always be connected in love with yourself and with Me. My love for you always remains, that is the eternal spark that Is.

May 2021 – Do not stray off your life’s path

Dear Reader,

In these times it is still difficult to remain in balance. I would like to advise you to continue your life calmly in the midst of the chaos in the world. If you are worrying and panicking about the situation in the world you will be unable to continue your path intuitively. You will be outside yourself and be dragged along by the emotions that are roaring in the astral layers. These layers have never brought any solutions, dear reader. Best is to concentrate on your own path. Your intuition is always the guideline in your life, connecting you with Me and My world.
If you can remain positive about your own path, you will radiate that positive energy, alleviating the suffering in the world. The more people do this, the more beautiful the world becomes and the quicker an end comes to the crisis. First secure this positive energy in your own life. When you wake up, give a word of welcome to life and make a small schedule of what you want to do that day. Put in some nice things and make it not too full, leave some space open for Me to fill your day.
When you live in this joy, you will help others that are in trouble. Do not think that suffering with them will help them, energetically it is just the reverse. Don’t forget these people though, you can say a short prayer for those who have lost a loved one or who are unable to do their jobs because of the crisis.
Stay positive regarding your own life and life in general. All will be well, this crisis has an end. It is important to define yourself as an earthling with divine energy. It is this divine energy that can help you to solve earthly problems. Never forget this higher aspect of yourself.”

April 2021 – Meditation exercise for protection against radiation

Dear Reader,

The radiation that is sent by mobile telephones and other man-made devices has a far higher frequency than that on which mankind and the world functions. You can feel it course through you, it is as if your body is electrically charged.

What I would like to give you is an exercise to deal with high frequency radiation like 5G and to partially neutralise its energy. This will take about ten minutes. You may record this message in your own voice and use it as a meditation. There is a spoken version of this meditation on this website under the header Meditations

1 Sit down, take your time and feel your normal energy course through your body. You may feel a tingle in your hands and on your body. It is also possible that you will hear a high tone in your ears, that is the sound of your energy channels.

Are you comfortable? Then go a little higher and feel your energy field, your aura. How does it feel outside your body? Can you feel what you radiate at 40 centimetres, or 80? You may use your hand to reach out to these distances, feel as if you are holding a balloon between you and your hand.

2 Then give your attention to your heart and solar plexus, your 4th and 3rd chakras. These are the two centres that need to work together to generate your field of power. Visualise a rotating sun made by your 3rd and 4th chakras combined, expanding to your whole trunk.
This energy flows also into your aura so the back of your body will be protected as well. Feel the power of this light envelop you and warm you.

3 Now I will ask you to go with your attention to your feet and especially to the area just below the ball of your foot, almost in the middle of your foot-sole. This is the location of your foot chakras where the earth energy enters your body and where you can communicate with the earth. The power that flows back from you into the earth is one of love and gratitude. This way a circulation is formed. Your body is in fact an extension, an instrument of Mother Earth. She gives you the great life energy in your body to live and to orient yourself, every moment of your life. This magnetic energy is also absorbed by the red blood cells that contain iron and give your body a certain charge.
Feel this magnetic power, this primordial vibration that the earth gives you, entering your feet and flowing into your body.

4 Keep concentrating on your feet and connect this primal frequency to the rotating sun of your heart and solar plexus. Together this becomes a great spiral, a vortex of energy. It begins slowly, then increases in power.
Say to yourself: I am now switching on this connection!
You are becoming a power station of earth energy. The power of the vortex will increase to great proportions. It has a conical shape, small at the start and increasing in diameter. This power is now switched on and radiating. You will be able to feel this.

Do not be surprised if this spiralling energy flows to the left one day and to the right the other day. The reason for this is that there are different forces to be reckoned with  in the earth, in yourself and in the cosmos. The body adjusts itself automatically to that.

5 Then move your attention to your head and feel the space in between your ears.
Then feel the space between your 6th chakra and the back of your head.
The point of intersection of these two is the power point of your head. It will radiate through your third eye, your 6th chakra. Feel this power point now.
Let it then expand into a force field that will encompass your whole head like a cloud. You may also visualise it as a violet cloud or flame.

6 Then connect the earth magnetic power from your feet, via the vortex to your 6th chakra.
All energies come together and flow via your body into your aura.
Your connection to the earth is now well established.

7 Now you are going to make the connection with the highest powers. You can do this by imagining the silver chord that starts at your seventh chakra on the crown of your head, and reaches out into the heavens. This is where faith and heavenly love now enter your energy field.
Feel this flow into you as a last addition to your radiating power.
Then you say to yourself: I am now switching on my intuitive power for myself, the earth and all beings!
This mixture also flows into the earth so that she will benefit from your protection.

Now you have an aura full of powerful, harmonic radiation.
Feel this power for a few moments.


Practise this and you will feel results when the 5G-radiation becomes active. It will not prevent the radiation from reaching you, you may still feel electrically charged, but the damage it can do will be lessened.

Do this exercise twice a day: once when you get up in the morning and once when you go to sleep.”