February 2024 – Insight into your own life means insight into the great whole

“Dear Readers,

The solution to earthly problems lies here in My heavens. So to find these solutions, you need to tune in to the divine. A great number of people are already able to do this and they will make known what needs to happen to make Mother Earth the paradise that it was meant to be. This process is already going on and do not despair that it will come too late. Try to give voice to your optimism every time, that way you are helping create the great field in which the solutions can come to fruition. You may be one of these people who every time can intuitively feel which way the world needs to go. It is never just one person who has all the solutions, it is all of you together, each in his own field. So it is not only for the world’s leaders to bring light, you are all here on earth for this purpose.
The great leaders of this earth are not the ones who are at the top now. A number of them is in jail and a fair few are not known to the greater public yet, but may of them are already busy preparing a new earth. It is up to you to contribute to this development by making your own life so beautiful that you will spend every day in joy, happiness, gratitude and love. Insight into your own life means insight into the great whole. Clarity comes on all levels then.
See the unity in everything, know that you are a part of that unity and that it is this greater whole that creates the new paradise on earth.
My blessings are with all of you, dear Readers.”