March 2024 – We are now creating the new world

“Dear Reader,
Now is the time to tell you a few things about the new world. It will be even more beautiful than it is now and it will happen in a short while.
The big news is that mankind will change. Human beings will become transparent and are not able to tell lies anymore. The big money, greed and the greedy will be gone. Important detail is that the people of good intentions will be in charge. They live and let live and are one with Creation. The great plan of mankind will be known and will be followed. This plan is the same as that of Mother Earth and they will come together now.
Years are necessary to make this known. People have to know now so that they can focus on the coming paradise. This positive impulse is necessary to feel happiness again and to support the knowledge that you will all be witness to it. Every one of you with good intentions will be a part of this. You are now in the process of creating this new world. You will not be able to witness this paradisical state in your current body, but what you will experience is the revolution (literally) and it will be a great joy for you all to see the victory of what is good. You will all be present in the new paradise in your new bodies and will recognise each other from these days.

Small thoughts are incredibly important. Send out one positive thought and your day will be different. The world reacts to this with a higher frequency; Mother Earth feels every loving touch. Her existence will carry on in its present form.
Big problems are always necessary to engender change. Before the elements can be rearranged, they have to be brought back to their original order.

You are now part of these times of change. Keep on observing quietly what happens, do not panic, I am guiding you through it all. The interference of evil makes the process of change go slower. The frequency is kept low so that the evil may continue its influence. This will change in the coming years because I will speed up the process by pulling the moment into eternity. This cannot be explained any other way. Time is speeding up and the frequency enhanced. This will be noticeable in all areas of the universe. It wil then be easier to choose what is good and the light will be changed.

It is extremely important that you know all this because you will see proof of your positive actions in this life.
The big whole is with you, it is on your side.
Know that each of you is looked upon in love by Me.”