April 2024 – Train your resilience by centering yourself

“Dear Reader,
In these times it is important to centre yourself. See life’s daily things in perspective, do not make them too big. I am not talking about the very difficult things like death and illness. It is the little things that occur daily that should not be made a big thing of. Live with endurance, resilience, a positive attitude and a sense of humour. You can train these qualities by knowing that you are good enough and that you have good intentions.
Additionally, if you are able to feel the love for yourself, others, Mother Earth and all her relations, you are well equipped on your life’s path. And, if possible, keep in touch with Me, dear Reader. I keep in touch with you every day, but it would be great if you could think about us here every now and then. You can always ask us for help, energy and other things, that is also a way to keep in contact.
Have you noticed that nowadays the government have come up with resolutions that the public did not know of or agree on? The only way to deal with this is to inform yourself and then leave it for the time being. There comes a time when you will need this information. For now it is important that you enhance your resilience and that you keep in contact with your loved ones, your network and your kindred spirits. Keep in mind that there is always time for doing nice, joyful things, dear Reader, that keeps your spirits high. All My blessings for you.”