June 2024 – Keep on thinking positive

“Dear Reader,
Disharmony is everywhere, except in the highest parts of My heavens. It has a function, it is to show the soul its divinity and to show her the path to goodness. Disharmony has not been created by Me but is a result of the process of creation, it finds its source in the thoughts that are sent into the universe. These thoughts are creative and matter reacts to that. So if your thoughts are often negative or even evil, you will attract the same kind of energies. The reverse is also true: when you think positive, you attract positive energy. This is so important nowadays. If all of you think positive, you are creating a wave of positive energy that comes from outer space to earth. There are fields of light that float over the earth and are being attracted whenever there is a forceful enough impulse from earth. So that is why it is so important to keep on thinking positive. In the first place it is good for yourself but also for the world.
Learn to think in energy instead of matter. Everything is energy, dear Reader. It gives you the possibility to be in contact with everything. You are a powerstation of sending and receiving energy. It depends on your level what you attract; you connect with equivalent fields, the higher, the more beautiful.
I am always busy radiating the highest energies of love and light to all directions. My highest angels are helping Me with this process. Sometimes you can really feel this energy reaching you, you suddenly feel better or you will see everything in a more positive light again. Keep on trusting this process, for this will never end.”