January 2024 – Keep believing in your own light

“Dear Readers,
You have entered a time in which you sometimes will not know who your friends are and who the ones are that do not wish you well. This happens often in the universe and is not a proof of My absence or of Me not existing. Terrible things happen on Earth and I know of them and I am guiding these processes by touching the soul of the ones involved. You are unable to oversee everything regarding My involvement in Earth’s happenings. Many of you doubt My presence because these atrocities can happen, but all this is part of the great whole and meanwhile your human development continues.
The person who chooses the good, will be enlightened by My touch. The person refusing the good, cannot bear this light so that this soul has to wait for another opportunity.
Keep on believing in your own light, my dearest child. Know that you are the one who can bear all of this and emerge triumphant. A new age is coming and you will be witness to this. Thanks to all of you these new times are coming. Thanks to you making a choice for yourself, for the light, for love and for Me.
Make the connection with Me every day and promise yourself to enjoy every day.
I give you My love, light and blessings back a hundredfold.”