Christmas Message 2023 – Gaze into a candle-flame

“Dear Reader,

It is My greatest wish to see you happy and I am doing all that is in My power to make this happen. In this Christmas time the light in your soul will be touched and its frequency enhanced. You will feel a moment of inner power without any reason from outside. Your inner voice will speak and your light body will increase. This gives you the courage and power to carry on.
In the coming days it is a good idea to gaze into the flame of a candle for a few minutes, dear Reader. It is very good and calming for your spirit and it connects both halves of the brain.
Drink something warm afterwards, this way the feeling of wellbeing remains.
Almost all of you want to save the world. By gazing into the flame and wishing the entire world all that is good, you are contributing your light to the great Light of My blessing.
I love you dearly, My lovely Reader, walk on in My Light.”