July 2023 – Help to change the powers that be

“Dear Reader,

I have created the universe according to certain laws and these remain in operation. I am going to bring change however to the way in which these laws are executed by mankind.
The beautiful results of these laws have not been realised yet because mankind keeps going round in circles and that is the wheel of matter.
The big laws of the universe have to take place the way they should: to restore the happiness for every being on earth. This wish is shared by many of you, but the people in powerful positions have other priorities. This is going to change in a very special way.
I am helping these people to change their point of view. If they do not want to change, they will become a victim of the changes that are going to happen anyway.
So if you want to help, send out the wish  into the world that they will change their minds. This is the simplest way. If they do not want to change (and a certain percentage will refuse to change), they will fall down and that is a certainty.
Keep these words in mind for a later moment when things get difficult.
A great solution will come and every one of you is contributing to this by your positive, loving thoughts and deeds.”