August 2023 – Come into your soul consciousness

“Dear all,

Summer is coming to its end and you are preparing yourself for day-to-day life. Do not let yourself be discouraged by the information given to you by the government. Use the power that you have built up this summer and know that when you take a moment for yourself, you will be invincible. That moment of peace is important to regroup, to return to your soul who is directly connected to Me and to Truth.
What I would like to give you now is an exercise to instantly return to your soul consciousness.


Go with your thoughts to a beautiful picture of an angel, or a natural landscape where you would like to stay forever. Breathe in this picture, so that it is anchored in your being. Place yourself then into that landscape or in front of that angel who looks at you with love. Create an interaction with that beautiful image.

Then call upon your soul and mentally say to yourself: ‘I am now connecting myself to my soul and I ask her to speak.’


By doing this you create the stage for your soul to let the truth come through. Do not expect an immediate answer, if it comes, so much the better.

This is a way to reach your higher consciousness. Practice this and feel the difference. Insight about your true being will emerge.

I am always with you, feel the combined force of us both. You are so much more than you think you are.

All My blessings for you, dearest one.”