September 2023 – See happiness in everything

“The development of the universe is the first priority of My realms. Take this term literally, dear Reader; it is the reverse process of incarnation to the original state of being. It is an enormous way of enlightenment throughout the whole universe.

My intention is that every sentient being and every piece of matter may exist in great happiness and that all negative influences brought on by the process of incarnation will be neutralised. I am helping this to unfold, but you, being a part of Me, are also involved in this. All sentient beings are helping to enlighten all of Creation, inviting Paradise back on earth.

See yourself as co-Creator, dear Reader, starting with your own life. If you can feel happiness in your life, you are creating and causing this happiness to expand. Do not linger on the past, look towards your own future. Tell us what you really want and do at least one thing that contributes to your wishes, every day.

Your happiness is the key to the world’s happiness. I need not tell you that this does not work when you want to take unlimited wealth unto you. What you shall receive is unlimited energy.

Now I stand in your world with new ideas to turn the tide of darkness. Happiness will guide you through these coming tides. Try to see joy in everything; in your daily routine, your meals, your cup of tea and in your pleasure to help others. Small acts have great consequences. You do not need to do anything big to save the world, dear Reader, a glance full of love is enough.”