October 2023 – Tune in to your essential frequency

“Dear Reader,

It is now time for you to tune in to your essential frequency. This frequency resonates in harmony with Mother Earth. To do this, you go outside and stand as close to your home as possible, or to your place of birth. Inner peace is required and to get this you may accept the fact that you are doing well in your life. Even if you have done bad things, you still have done okay. Also look at the people you have made happy, even if you have only smiled at a passer-by. Try to reach and fixate this feeling of peace and harmony into your heart. Know that I love you and that we are forever connected.
This is the way you are standing now. You are able to connect yourself to My frequency because the essential frequency of Earth is My frequency, dear Reader. Everything resonates with one another and whenever you feel this resonance, you will be happy. You sometimes say: I am not quite in tune with this or that, or: I’m not on the right frequency today. That is exactly what it is and it all has to do with selflove. When that feeling returns, you will connect again with the universe, into that huge field of unity in which everything is possible. Practise this, dear Reader, go outside, stand there and try to feel the vibration of Mother Earth and absorb it into your entire body.”