June 2023 – Your state of consciousness determines your point of view

“Dear Reader,

Where everything is going right, it is saying something about the energetic state of the person in question. Stated otherwise: if you are in harmony with the universe, everyting goes right. You experience this when you are feeling completely in tune with everything; it feels as if the world is another place. In a way this is true because you are in another state of consciousness. It is the perception that decides whether something goes right or not. Now you will say: there are things that happen to us that are not okay. That is true. And still it is so that when you enter a higher state of consciousness, the division between good and evil will change. There is still good and evil, but you will encounter is differently: you will see it not from the bottom up but from the top down. These are very complex things to understand, especially now you are all living in these turbulent times but it is something to remember for a later time.

The same goes for judging others. Know that every human being has to go the same path and that is that from ignorance to unity with everything. It does not matter where someone stands on that path. See your fellow man as a travelling companion on a path that you have chosen yourselves. With one person it is an easier journey than with the other, but still you are helping one another, each in his own way.

Do not give up, wonderful things are going to happen and keep believing this, dear reader. Keep your faith also in Me and My realms, for our presence is a certainty that will never change. All My blessings to you.”