May 2023 – Every thought is a creation

“Dear Reader,

See all the work you have done on yourself in the past as pure gain. I mean that every positive thought about yourself, others, the world and life contributes towards the great sparkling field of light that encompasses and permeates the earth.
Do not worry too much about the future but live consciously. Allow yourself to enjoy to the fullest that which you have been given. Live in joy, dear Reader, regardless what happens in your life. Try to live energetically, realising that every thought is a creation. What do you wish to create in your life?
Do not be afraid of the few dark thoughs that you sometimes have. Keep on looking at yourself in love and say Stop! And start to think in another direction. Do not put yourself down because of it. Create an image for yourself that makes you happy. This could be a holiday memory, a beautiful landscape of an image of an angel. When you feel yourself getting sombre, recall this image, it will be your handle to grasp, bringing you back to your high energy level. This is mind-training, dear Reader, everyone has to become conscious of the power to shape his life by his own thoughts. If you do this for a couple of months, you will become much more positive and stand firmer in life. Your world will approach Mine and when these to come together, you will see Pardise emerge on earth.”