March-April 2023 – Let your soul speak

“Dear stewards of the Light,

What I would like to tell you about today is the essence of enlightenment. That is the acknowledgement of your own divinity. It is very important that you are all going to see what a huge part the light plays in your soul. Most people hide their soul and let her prompt the personality from the background. The soul should take centre stage and speak freely. The personality may of course join her, but the soul should be able to speak first.
Focus your thoughts on your soul and say: ‘May I invite you to speak today onto the stage of my life?’ Your soul will always answer positively and with joy.
You will notice a great difference in the way your day passes. You will walk much lighter and events will string together in a logical fashion so that you will think: ‘Wait a minute, I had a plan, I did it and it all goes perfectly! One thing follows the other and now I know exactly what to do.”
You will feel like a surfer on a wave which carries you onwards.
To allow the light inside yourself you don’t need to do a lot. Your consciousness needs to take the first step to really want this. Your will comes in here, dear children; you have to want for the soul to speak and when you have experienced this a few times, you are keen to carry on. Then life is beautiful and you go on so well that you don’t want to miss this feeling. This is the most important step in these times and I would like to take it now together with you all.
All my blessings and love for you, dear children.”