February 2023 – Think on a high-energetic level

“Dear Reader

It is time for you to keep your energy level permanently high. You can do this by protecting you aura by visualising a beautiful colour or a golden, silver or diamond coating. Every time you experience something negative, think of that protective layer and let it bounce off. You can let the information through and learn from it, but the negative emotion stays outside. This way you will stay centered.

How did you wake up this morning? With a joyful feeling, or with the remnants of a bad dream, or were you jolted awake? Monitor this every morning and say: ‘I give thanks to Life that I may be here and we are going to make this a lovely day.” Then you step out of bed with this positive attitude. This seems simple advice, but it makes you stand firmly on the earth without being blown hither and thither.

It is important to get used to thinking more on a high-energetical level. On this level you can permanently reach out to My world. Keep in the back of your mind that you are always connected to My world, your true home. Know that there is always a small active part of you receiving information from these high sources. So do not think that you are not one of these people who receive high information, every person does this every day. The question is however: How conscious are you of this and what do you do with it?

This is the basic training for the new Mankind, dear Reader, and you are one of the first of these.

All blessings from Me to you.“