New Year’s Message from Above 2023 – You are the one who makes the Light return

“Dear Reader,

Let Me begin with wishing you all a blessed 2023 and with the promise of My guidance in everything you do.
In life there are some periods in which you do not know how to proceed. This is one of these periods. Know that this is exactly the right moment to transform this uncertainty in faith, in knowing that you are everything that you need to be right now to enjoy a glorious future. This glorious future lies in each day when you get up in the morning. Great things can only be done in realising this.
Courage and faith go hand in hand, dear Reader and I give you these now in both hands. Man is infinitely more than he seems to be now. Take a moment and try to touch these uncharted territories within you. Ask for a door to be opened and you will step into the treasure chamber of your consciousness and who knows what fantastic things you will experience there. Sit down, take a quarter of an hour and focus on your heart. Then ask the above mentioned question and wait quietly. Your intention guides the meditation. Give yourself time every day for this exercise coming month and you will see your consciousness and horizon broadening.
Enjoy the return of the light on earth, dear Reader, you are the one creating it.”


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