December 2022 – I wish you happiness

“Dear Reader,

Your great challenge nowadays is to stay happy in these chaotic times. It has never been  the plan to let Creation suffer, to put humanity down, to bring the great whole in all its diversity in danger. It has always been My plan to make Creation blissful.
I will now allow you a glimpse in My kitchen and that is not for a new Chrismas recipe but to show you who I really Am and that is the highest energy in the universe and the greatest source of love there Is. You all are a part of this. Imagine Me as a Being that is so unbelievably large, loving, light and beautiful that it is almost impossible to conceive. The joy one experciences on seeing Me will never disappear.
You can take an advance on this joy and that is being happy with yourself and with the fact that you are here now and are a great source of light yourself. The joy of being on Earth is generated mostly from the soul’s realisation that this is a temporary stay and that you will go back to your true state of radiant happiness and higher consciousness. So try to enjoy this time as much as possible, even in difficult times. It is all temporary anyway. Here on earth you get the chance to enrich yourself greatly with experience and growing knowledge of who you really are. There is no greater joy than when you come back here to hear that you have done a great job.
Do not complain too much about life, dear Reader. I know, it is perhaps not exactly as you wanted it to be, but you are the one who chooses the things in life that fit you and make you happy.
Make your highest choices; the great good of love for yourself and for others, be it human, animal, vegetable or mineral, is the highest choice you can make. That means generating loving thoughts and creating your life in such a way that you use the earth’s sources with a conscience.
Enjoy and celebrate this Christmas, the light within you, in your loved ones and in Creation.
Dearest Reader, know that my love for you is so great, you have no idea. I wish you all that is beautiful in these times.
Your dearest God has spoken.”