November 2022 – Every act of love counts

“Dear Reader,

Everything will change on earth in due course and you will all be able to catch a glimpse of the world as it should be; where all living beings are living together in harmony and joy. Your presence on earth now is of crucial importance to the realisation of this beautiful world, for you are the ones that create it and every act of love counts. By the time that this world comes into being, you will all be here or you choose to incarnate again to experience this beauty for yourselves. You will all be given a place at the front of the queue, my dears.
Every one of you needs to remember this earthly task now. For many it will be difficult to struggle for something knowing you will not be able to see its results in this life, but everyone has chosen this life in full realisation of this fact.
It does not mean that there will not be any beautiful things happening in your life, dear Reader, you are more than welcome to enjoy these to the fullest.
Thanks to you all will be well and we are with you in this important task. Follow your life’s assignment in joy and know that you are not alone in this.”