September 2022 – Ascension

“Dear Reader,

I would like to give you a little introduction to ascension: reaching towards a higher consciousness. Know that all of you are doing this, whether you know it or not. It is a prerequisite of creation, all matter is subject to ascension. In a life of growth there are always things that have to be resolved. Man weighs, considers and chooses and that is precisely how it should be. Know that in fact you always make the right choice because you cannot do otherwise. There is one condition and that is: do you choose  light or do you choose dark? You cannot always see this straight away and that is where intuition comes in. Everyone has it; does something feel good or not good?
My advice to you is therefore: listen to your intuition. You need a quiet place for that.  If you are not sure, wait a while. Go on with your life quietly and make your choices. It is important to put yourself first and enlighten yourself. Then you start radiating and  contributing to the world. Every good thought you think makes a difference and makes sure that the great happiness is coming closer. It really is already there, dear Reader, in your life as well. Even if you are in trouble, know that your day is blessed, because it is and you are, too.“