July – August 2022 – Inner power is the key to inner peace

“Dear all,

Great changes are happening in the world and in your life. Do not be afraid of the dark forces that are coming ever closer. Nothing can happen to you when you know that you are connected to Me. Make a small daily ritual of inviting all the good powers and ask for their sacred energy to permeate your house, grounds and everything in it. It is essential that you keep believing that the positive powers will triumph. Even if dark forces are knocking on your door, your space is light. Evil will disappear when you shine light on it. You are asked to show your courage and to keep standing and believing in your own goodness.

Beautiful things are happening too. People who connect and form circles of light, people who know their own greatness and use this for the good of mankind. The heroes of mankind are in you all, look for him inside yourself. Inner power is the key to inner peace.”