June 2022 – Every positive thought counts

“Dear Reader,

Crystal clear messages will be coming to you in different ways; be on the alert for them. New times and a great shift are approaching. Your insight is growing and you will feel the new vibrations coming to you from the future. My hand in your world is becoming visible, inner processes of change see the light of day and you are coming ever closer to the resting point of balance. You know this when you see the greater picture and you are standing firm in your life. Take care of yourself in the coming months, dear Reader, take a rest when you are tired and go do somenthing important when you have plenty of energy. The new circumstances will take you out of your comfort zone, but this means you are growing.
The coming times are decisive for the future of mankind. Your decision to remain true to yourself and to do what you think is best for yourself and the environment contributes to the wave of happiness that inundates the earth when she is saved by the great good.
The earth is at the point of tilting and every good thought to her adds to her salvation. Your gratitude and good care to her environment are crucial. It is the small gestures that count: picking up a plastic bag from the street, helping an elderly person to their feet when they have fallen, or a friendly word to an animal when it crosses your path.
Try to make such a gesture every day, dear Reader, the outcome will be enormous. If you are not able to do this, send a loving thought to the earth, your fellow man, an animal or plant. Everything counts and adds to the chalice of light.”