May 2022 – Keep up your energy

“Dear Reader,

Insight into the world’s situation is starting to seep through with many people. Most of you who are reading this, already have these insights and you are starting to get worried about the threatening situation. The best way in which you will be able to do something about it is to stay in balance, physically and mentally. By staying calm you will keep seeing the greater picture. Your greatest asset is your soul’s consciousness. Go there every day, you do this by tuning in to your highest self and to Me. Keep thinking at this high level. If you find this difficult, ask yourself: What would Jesus do? Train yourself to maintain this high level of consciousness, do not become swallowed by fear, despair and doubt but stand there, radiating like the god or goddess of Light that you are. You have the responsibility to unveil your own light and to let it shine. Know that this is a joyful process. The higher you get, the more beautiful life is.
Keep standing firm physically as well. Below you will find a quick and simple exercise to do in the morning to open your energy system and to be fully receptive to My light.”

God’s exercise
Keep up your energy

Go outside and inhale the fresh air.

1 Stretch out your arms above you with palms together.
Make a circle with both arms, 7x to the right and 7x to the left. Feel your vertebrae being realigned.

2 Open your palms  and receive My love and light, cascading over you like a waterfall.
Then lower your arms.

3 Stretch your left leg in front of you and let your foot circle 7x to the left and 7x to the right.
Do the same with your right leg.

4 Look up and stretch backwards as far as you can. You may put your arms akimbo or on your back. Receive the sunlight lovingly.

5 Put your arms akimbo and rotate your hips 7x to the left and 7x to the right.

6 Bring your palms together and towards your chest in the Namasté position. Be grateful for everything and open your energy channel (Sushumna) to Me. This way it is connected to me and to Earth. Enjoy your day in peace.