April 2022 – Freedom is a right, not a gift

“Dear Reader,

Your energy is increasing again due to the apparent freedom these days. The big danger however seems invisible and that is the gradual, destructive influence of habit. You see your recent freedom as a feast, while it should be just seen as your right of existence. Keep your thoughts on the time before these developments and remember how you felt then. Freedom is a right, not a gift.
The best thing you can do now is to enjoy this apparent freedom, but start making plans in the back of your mind to keep this freedom and let it continue in times of restrictions and lockdown. You can do that by organising small groups and meeting other groups so you can exchange information.
Everyone likes to know for how long this situation will continue. Dear Reader, I cannot tell you that yet, but think of some months in crisis and some years in total. That is from this moment on. You should get through these times in relative peace but with ever invasive regulations. Know that you do not need to comply with everything without needing to stick your head out.
Our crystal clear energy keeps raining down on you, this helps people to keep their courage.
Big changes will come this year, but go one step at a time. Preparation is everything and because of that you will go through this period so much better than when you don’t want to know anything and you do not inform yourself about everything outside the established media. Prepare for a time in which people’s rights will be curtailed and the individual will be forced to comply with the new laws. This only seems so because you can always dodge this. Hold on to this thought, dear Reader, and you will stand strong with like-minded others.”