March 2022 – Be Happy with God

“Dear Readers,

You have stopped putting faith in your leaders, but you will have to remain under their rule for a while longer. The times of insight have come and this gives you doubts about everything. Learn to live with these doubts because more is going to happen in world politics.

As a citizen you cannot do much now, the die has been cast. Know however that you have all the power to shape your own life and in doing that you still influence the world stage. Hang on to your values and keep your eyes onto your own holy circle. This circle contains your soul, body and spirit, your loved ones and your possessions, like your house and other necessities. Take care of the things in your circle and help others care for theirs.
Small-scale living is the form of the future and this is a time of training for you to establish a firm basis together with a view to My worlds. This connection is the key to the future, dear Reader. Today’s leaders do not yet realise that every person is directly connected to Me and that this combination is invincible.

Your task for these coming months is to be happy with Me, dear Reader. I am very happy with You and I am returning this happiness to you in hundredfold.”