February 2022 – Stand your ground and think light

“Dear Reader,

In all parts of the world a war is going on. War is an armed conflict. See the threat of war in Ukraine as a follow-up of this. The steps that Putin has taken are necessary for the balance on the stage of the world. It sounds strange but you will understand in time. More threats are coming; why I say this to you is so that you can prepare yourself and not panic or lose your positive attitude.

See everything as a chain of events to shake loose all the evil in the world. Keep up your eagle’s eye, dear reader and do not forget your own rôle in this. Keep on doing wha you think is right, connecting, giving love to others and the world around you, to nature and especially to yourself. Now is the time to put your spiritual training in practice and stand for it.

This is your moment to stand up and to keep on standing. You, who are reading this now, are the forerunners on the energetic stage. Keep yourself connected to that energy of light and then connect with each other on that fantastic field of light that hovers over the earth. This field will later on put an end to all battles. Keep this field in your daily consciousness, it is more important than your job.

Your world leaders are in a very difficult position and need light energy and wisdom, dear reader, so send this to them in your meditations.

Do not forget to enjoy these times as well, joy and laughter are the opposite of war. Beautiful times are coming and you will certainly be a part of this.

Giving you all my blessings and love.”