January 2022 – Create your own future and stand by it

“Dear Reader,

Difficult times are not yet over, but your inner knowledge grows daily. Keep looking at the situation from a distance. What are the lines the politicians want you to follow and what are your own lines? Which way do you want to go? Connect with people who choose the same path as you and meet regularly to share your experiences. Take care not to sit in your house without friends, acquaintances or kindred spirits. The challenge is yours now to reach out to others and to choose your line of direction consciously.
Know that the world will be OK. Try to express your wishes for the world every day by a short prayer or ritual. That way you are connecting the great field of wisdom here with the material world. The more connection there is, the quicker the change.
Look at this time also as a great step forwards for yourself. You are the one who needs to stand powerfully now and who speaks up for what you think and wish. This way you are moulding your future and you are doing this together with people of the same mind.
Do not be afraid of what may happen when you voice your opinion, just do it and you will see that this empowers you. You are creating a possibility for the future, you are opening a door through which others may go. It will give you good energy, dear Reader, and it will strengthen you for the coming times.
Do not forget that we are at work here for your happiness and we are bringing you light in dark times”