November-December 2021 – Meet your divine spark

“Dear Reader,

In the times that come you will need the essence of your soul. Know what it is and how you can reach it. The essence of your soul is your divine spark, it is a part of Me, your most sacred essence. Every human being has the same spark inside their soul. When you become conscious of this, it will grow and will become a greater part of your life; it will synchronise with the great wheel of the universe. All sorts of things will happen to you that you just wished or that are necessary at that precise moment. Coincidence? Life is no longer a struggle.

How can you come into contact with your divine spark? That is very simple: just by loving yourself, dear Reader. Send a thought of love to your own heart. In these festive times you will receive many good wishes from friends, relatives and acquaintances. Send one of those to yourself and follow its course: to the essence of your soul. This spark will grow, the more love you put in, the bigger it gets and its radiation grows. So practise this sending of love to your innermost self in the coming days. Know that you are a good person and that the mistakes you make are to learn from and not to keep rehashing every day. Not for nothing is it a learning moment, so do not let it colour your whole history. Heal yourself by increasing your divine spark and letting it expand to its greatest size. When you are doing this, your shadow parts will seem a lot smaller than when you look at them all the time.

My wish for you, dearest one, is that you may see Me through your own divine spark and that you may realise that you and I are One. Know this and nothing bad can happen to you. All blessings to You.”