October 2021 – Inner Power

“Dear Reader,

Look at the world and ask yourself what you can do to improve it. Your thoughts immediately go to the outside world and everything around you, but when you realise that every thought is a creation, you can change the world with positive thoughts. In this way you will do more for the animals, plants, the earth and your fellow men than when you go out there with your doubts to heal the world. What I want for you is to discover this unlimited inner source of power and that you are going to use it. I will ask you therefore to visualise this source every day. If you are a creative person, make a creation of it, draw, paint, make a model in clay or stone. Put your heart into it. If you are not creative, perhaps you are good with words; describe this great source. You might say: I’m neither creative nor a linguist! Well dear Reader, not to worry! You are just going to stand there and feel the energy well up inside you, making you feel the leader of your own life. You are in charge. Your power is greater than that of an army. Do you remember the photograph of the man in Tiananmen Square holding back an army tank just by standing there? Feel that force of just one human being.
You have no idea what other powers are inside you, dear Reader. You have immense powers that are always there. The more you wish to do good, the bigger that power gets. It has to do with the energy of love the universe is made of.
When you get up in the morning, stretch out and feel My love and power bubble up inside you. Your day will be better and you will be an example for all.”