September 2021 – Loneliness

“Dear Reader,

The end of summer is in sight and you are all preparing for a time of retreat, but not of loneliness. Loneliness is an illusion, dear Reader. You may be alone and needing company, but know that you can always create this yourself. You are always in control of your own life. The cause of loneliness is often not being able or daring to reach out, caused by things that happened in the past. These things need to be looked at and to be let go of lovingly. Look at yourself with love. Accept those little things that are in the way of being your greatest self. Accept them and then let them go. Letting go means seeing that they are no longer important for your present and future. Look at these old things with a wink and let them go. You are above them now. Whenever you are in a mood that nothing comes out of your hands, force yourself to do something, even if it is only opening your mail, decluttering your desk or cleaning something small. This creates fire in your body and when this fire is lit, it allows you to go on. It also has influence on your mental state. Should you be unable to do this, go outside for a minute, go to your balcony or stick your head out of the window. Walk outside for a couple of minutes. These moods of apathy can only be overcome by some bodily activity. Your mental system will start to work again.
You should be able to feel your inner power again and you will be able to think of a structure for the day’s activities. These need only be three things, but do try do do them. One of them should always be a ten minute meditation. This gives you back your original place in the greater whole. You are then centered in your body consciousness, and you will feel connected with My world. It is very important to take the initiative to reach out to the heavens; by asking a question, uttering a wish or expressing gratitude or joy. We wil react directly on this. When you still feel lonely, think of a few things you are grateful for. Think yourself out of this negative feeling, dear Reader. Gratitude is the best means to do this. Gratitude is abundance, loneliness is scarcity. Always believe in abundance, also in that what you now think you are lacking. Take all responsibility for your own life and know that when you do this, I will support it, but the initiative has to come from you.
I promise you great results, dear Reader.“