August 2021 – Time for contemplation

“Dear Reader,

There is still freedom before the restrictions will apply again. My advice to you is to look at everything you have and to ask yourself if there is anything of importance that you need to purchase. I would do that in the coming weeks because now you can walk about and make your choices in freedom. This is not tot make you afraid, dear reader, you will always be able to do your shopping, but you will have to uphold the pleasure in doing so when the restrictions are imposed. What I ask of you is to prepare yourself for another period of lockdown, but also one of reflection, of realising: I have a good, warm house, my clothes are OK and I can now leave the material world as it is and go within. The coming months will give you that. Take your time for this process. Look what you have learned the past year and see what you can do with that wisdom. Do not worry, that is the most important piece of advice. When you are not feeling well, try to do something about it, preferably with natural cures.
In a period of lockdown it is better not to make huge changes in your lifestyle unless it is really necessary.
There comes an end to these times and then the world will celebrate. Visualise that moment, dear reader, and keep on seeing the advantages of every situation. It is good mind training to move along with flexibility and still to go your own way. It is time for you all to form your own opinion and to realise that all information is clearly laid out, you only have to look for it.
Use this time as one of contemplation. Radiant energy is omnipresent and eternal. Know that you can always tap into this eternal source of energy, happiness, love, faith and prosperity.
Try to hold on to this positive energy. Meditate daily and you may utter your wishes then, for yourself and for the world. Make your house beautiful so you enjoy entering your home. Tidy up and heal the space by cleaning. It is not the disinfecting that is important, but the energetic cleanliness of your living space. Then the energy can flow freely.
These are all pieces of advice to stay happy and healthy, dear reader. Know that you will come out of all this on a higher energy level.”