April/May 2015 Do not restrict yourself to daily reality

Dear reader,

I can see you reading this and I notice that your energy pattern is clearing. You may ask yourself how this can simultaneously happen to every reader. Be aware that all of you are being guided and influenced by the large field of energy that encompasses the earth. In this way I can give love to all and everyone at the same moment. Try to understand this not with your brain but by visualisation. Think in images and forget about the earthly laws you learned about at school. For example that one cannot go back in time. That you can’t be in two places at once. That you need a way of transport to get somewhere. That fairytales don’t exist.
Dear reader, it is time for a change in your consciousness. Everything is possible! Instant wealth. Sudden healing. Meeting your loved ones who are deceased or meeting beings from the spirit world.
Do not restrict yourself to daily reality. If you find this difficult, buy a book of fairytales, read fantasy or science fiction. Go to the museum and look at art. Stretch your consciousness to the uttermost limits of the universe and realise that that space also exists in yourself. You are boundless. Your abilities are endless!
Be conscious of your own space. When you are standing somewhere, do it with attention and know that you honour that space by being in it. That is love for yourself. Then you realise that you are an extension of Me and an integral part of the universe.
No one is on earth without a purpose. No one is superfluous, even if you are depressed and think you have nothing good to contribute. Have faith in the fact that you are exactly where you have to be. Nobody is able to fully understand the divine purpose. Leave the judgement about yourself and others to Me and live in freedom.