June 2015 Clean out your mind in the holidays

Dear reader,

June is the month of light and the longest day. It has the greatest manifestation power in nature. Everything is growing in order to make the most of the light. You all are influenced by this subconsciously and your creating power is on the increase this month. That will extend to around mid-August,then it levels out for a while to go gently downward again towards September.

Your spring-lethargy is over and you want to get everything up and going what you have planned in the winter time.
Turn around your anxiety for the world by knowing that you are making a difference by being there. Just by being there. Your good deeds are an additional benefit. That is how you can empower the force of your inner light.
When you are sitting in the sunshine, let the light flow into your cells.

You will find that the solution to everything lies in your consciousness. It is expressed in the way you live and think about things.
Use the coming holiday period to create order in your thoughts. Is there something that has to go, such as memories of arguments, fights and small misunderstandings at work? Throw away all these thoughts, dear reader. The mind deserves to be cleaned out just as your living space does.

The same goes for feelings of guilt. If you feel guilty of certain things, acknowledge it to yourself and let it go.
Control over your mind is a first step towards working with energy and mind power. Try to think about a field of sunflowers instead of recalling difficult conversations.
I promise you that it will work. Peace of mind is the beginning of your vacation.