July 2015 Positive energy for Greece

“Dear reader,

The world economy is out of balance in all respects. Greece is tied to Europe while it cannot do anything with all the measures that are imposed. This country needs to bring out its culture again and believe in itself. Total independence is the solution. Thus a complete exit out of the European Union and renewed negotiations about import and export.
The most important thing is decentralisation in the world economy.
Send your positive energy to the Greek people and in particular to the leaders of the country. They need your good thoughts and can do so much more when they know that people are concerned about them and Greece’s future. Leave it to them to decide how to solve their issues but keep on sending positive energy this summer. Keep buying Greek products and refuse to give in to scaremongering. The country may go bankrupt economically but the Greeks will still stand and flourish.
All the billions going to Greece disappear in the pockets of billionaires; the individual Greek does not see a cent of it in his purse.
Let the system collapse, dear reader and take care of your own country. This is not a call for egoism but for small scale economy. The larger the pattern, the smaller the profits for the people and the easier shadows are formed.
In the end a beautiful order will arise that is good for every person. Keep this in mind and do not despair. I am always there.”