August 2015 Faith is the door to happiness

Dear Reader,

What I have seen more and more lately is that people do not understand how life really works with respect to the rôle of the heavenly powers. What are the consequences of your actions? Being God I am supreme and omniscient and I help every being dealing with life. However, that does not mean that people have to reckon with this knowledge all the time. Life has to be lived by man from his own perspective. Sometimes there is divine intervention, sometimes there is not. This uncertainty is getting you down, I realise that. I would like to ask you to see your life from your own point of view and at the same time to keep all doors and windows open to My world and My love. Even when it seems to go unrewarded. This is the most difficult thing to ask of you; to keep your faith through thick and thin, in happiness and in sorrow. Even if that sorrow does not seem to get better.

Faith is the door to happiness. That is the essence. So, having faith invites divine intervention. That is how it works in a nutshell, dear children. It is much more complicated, but the above serves as help to get you through these times. It partly answers My not-acting. I see that you often reproach Me for not intervening where this would be most welcome. If that happens, there are important reasons for this that are unknowable to you. Keep having faith in your higher self and in the Divine that is forever linked with you and that is Me.