September 2015 Lunar eclipse

There will be a total lunar eclipse in the night of Sunday 27 to Monday 28 September. This will be completely visible from the Netherlands and Belgium.
The eclipse starts at 02.11 hrs and has its maximum at 04.48 hrs. It ends at 07.24 hrs, all in Dutch time. At the peak of the eclipse the Moon is completely hidden in the shadow of the Earth, so no direct sunlight reaches the Moon. A little sunlight is reflected by the Earth’s atmosphere and reaches the Moon’s surface. This is primarily red light and thus casts a reddish glow on the Moon, hence its name Blood Moon.

Here follows God’s comment:

“Dear readers,
A total lunar eclipse enters your life at a moment of restlessness and despair.
Questions arise as: Is everything going to be OK? Am I still doing the right thing? What is the future of Earth? What will the country look like in the coming years? The answers seem more remote than ever.

The lunar eclipse is a sign of chaos. It shows a total rejection of the female and intuitive side of man and his society. A large part of mankind does act intuitively however and that is where we have to look. Do not lose hope for improvement of the system because you are that hope, dear reader! You who are reading this, who chooses light and inner confidence and new hope for the future.

The fact that the moon is invisible does not mean that she is not there. Stand up for yourself and build on your intuitive powers and faith in yourself. Send this power and faith into the world so that it reaches the leaders who are not yet capable to listen to their innermost feelings. These people in particular need this help. Prepare yourself for a new era. Keep developing your intuition and give a little extra positive energy and kindness to the people around you. That is also an aspect of the moon: kindness, gentleness and understanding.
In all respects you are ready for the future.”