February 2015 This is the time to create

Dear reader,

Give yourself a small gift this month. It does not have to be anything large, just buy yourself something that you have been wanting for some time. The reason for this is that this is a month in which it is not yet clear how things are going to work out financially. Giving yourself a gift is to charge yourself with attention and love. It is also a compliment to yourself for who you are and what you do to keep everything afloat. Joy should be your basic feeling. Make yourself happy, with a box of candles, incense or a bunch of flowers; enjoy it and know that this is for you. It is not yet the time to sit back and reflect on things. Now is a time of creation and beginning of new projects. Perhaps you are clearing out old stuff at home or preparing the garden so that the shrubs can grow unhindered in the coming months. This is a month of looking to the future and I would like to say that everything you create now, you take with you and will give you permanent joy. Do not worry about the economy, it still goes on and you will have enough to eat. Concentrate on the fact that everything you do is something and that you can always call upon this power.
We here are busy revising and perfecting your entire economic system so that every person will have a beautiful life. The uncertainty in your life will increase, but so will your inner strength. Try to look through the uncertainty, every time you get through it you have come a little further and can cope better with the world’s problems. This is a good time to start something new and to contemplate your wisdom. See how you react to the news of the world. When it reaches you,  see it in a positive light and feel your own strength increase rather than diminish. Know that with your power of thought you can make a difference in the lives of people who are hundreds of miles away. They are conscious of the fact that they are helped, just as you are always helped.