December 2014/January 2015 Charlie Hebdo

Dear Reader,

The past year was spent in unrest, in earth matters as well as in your personal lives. The new year will be filled in differently than you think. Between all the difficulties, you will also experience moments of great happiness. You are in the right place at the moment. It is possible that you want to go away from your daily environment, to move house or even to emigrate. Know that there is a time and place for everything. Wait for the right moment and you’ll see that this comes quicker than you think. As daily life is concerned, making ends meet will get more difficult this year. However, new insights make your life easier, so it works both ways.
Do not be afraid for the new year, start with joy and know your greatest asset is your inner life and wisdom of the soul. That gives real happiness and wealth. Take the time for joyful things and each evening look back on the beautiful moments, to start the next day in joy.
Happiness is permanent. It is not a peak experience. Do not be influenced by everyone’s opinion but stay centered in your own knowledge that you are on the right track and taking small steps each time on the path of wisdom.

My request to you

The attacks in France are the beginning of a wave of terror going over the Western World in particular. I haste to say that this can be stopped by not giving these attacks any publicity. For you it is almost unthinkable but still I ask you to not make any information about this terror public. I call upon you not to give these terrorists the heroic status they crave. The more publicity, the more attacks, that is how it works. So do not say anything about it to each other and honour the victims in silence and send them your good wishes. They will be honoured in other ways than mass sympathy.
There is another way to decrease violence and that is to keep sending light to the groups of people doing these attacks. They live in self-imposed darkness which can be penetrated from outside, causing them to start doubting their deeds. Every person sending light, helps reducing the dark.