November 2014 Exercise voor high energy level

Dear Reader,

This time I have an exercise for you, connecting you with your highest energy level.
This will go before you on your life’s path.

Go to your heart region and feel your heart beating.
Here in the centre of the body lives the soul. She always speaks My language.
You then say: “I invite my soul to come forward more in my life.”
You will feel a powerful energy radiating from your heart to the rest of your body and will stand firmer on your feet.
Then you go to your solar plexus and say: “I connect my will with my soul.”
Thirdly focus your attention on your head and say: “I connect my mind with my soul.”
You feel the three elements connecting and then you can do a last affirmation:
“As a human being I am connected to heaven and earth.”

Try to do this exercise at least once every day. You will be happier and stonger.