October 2014 Keep believing in goodness

Dear Reader,

In this time it is very difficult to continue to believe in the good. Your whole life is spent being busy to do the right thing. It seems that people who do not believe in doing this and wallow in the luxury that life still offers, are being rewarded while those who consciously try to live well are being curtailed and threatened in their being.
This only appears so, dear reader. I see everything, from the smallest decision to have a cup of coffee to the great things in life. I see nothing without giving energy to it and to less good things I give less energy so they disappear into the background. People however keep giving energy to these bad things and thus expose them to the light again. Keep in mind that every good thought arrives here and is celebrated. Know that you are rewarded for these good thoughts and actions. For you who cannot see the whole picture it is difficult to keep faith that the good really leads to happiness. I have before Me the great plan of the person who still has the intention to give love to himself and the world around him. This great plan shimmers with happiness and hope and this feeling is the essence of your later years. Keep this promise in the back of your mind and try to keep faith in the fact that your choices are good and that you will be rewarded for it even though it does not appear so at the moment.