September 2014 Stay centered

Dear Reader,

Make your preparations for a new stage in these chaotic times. Mankind is coming ever closer to the end of the techno-era. This means that difficulties will increase throughout the world. Do not be surprised if you keep being confronted with things you don’t seem to be able to solve. It is all part of this time and your presence can influence its outcome. If you can stay calm in the middle of the storm, you will see order coming back. You have this same order built into your body, soul and spirit. Be aware that you can radiate this order and let its energy go on ahead. Concentrate on your own light and do not make any rash decisions. The present system wants you to make these because it is very difficult to cancel them. Stay focused with your opinion and life style wherever you are. Don’t get sucked in by the maelstrom created to make people dependent on the system.
You are all standing in the light and we see everything. Faith in yourself and in us is very important. Try to hold on to that even if you think there is no more divine guidance. That will always remain and you as an individual are also noticed.
When you worry, your energy level drops, so try not to let circumstances influence you too much. There is a moment for everything and you’ll notice that more time is required for some problems to be solved. Suddenly there will be a moment that everything is solved without you doing overmuch for it. You will then be surprised how easy that went. Trust your own ability to recognise new insights!