August 2014 Think differently: Life is perfect

Dear Reader,

I have noticed that people think in terms of solving problems. How to get more money or to take care of your child’s development at school etc.
This month I would like to invite you to think the other way around. What I mean is that you start thinking that your life is perfect as it is. See life as a full circle and that everything in it is as it should be.
Do not think of your problems at that time but see the big picture. Imagine that your life goes according to plan, that is, the big plan you wrote yourself before your life on earth. Complaining when things are getting out of hand is OK, but keep on thinking: ‘I live my life according to plan’. This way you keep yourself energetically on the right track. You might wonder why this is so important. It is the key to permanent happiness. If your eyes don’t see how your life should be, your soul does and she tries to keep you on the right path. So when you choose this way, life will arrange it for you and you will notice that things go more smoothly. Chances you have been waiting for appear and things are looking up.
This is what you can do with the power of thought, dear reader and that is only the beginning. Try this first, we can elaborate on it further later.

The situation in the world has not yet quietened down. However, stay with the thought that peace will follow. Imagine that peace comes to every place where there is war. If you find it difficult to imagine in detail, remember a face you saw on television, a child, an old lady or a soldier and concentrate your good thoughts on them and their village. The earth there too needs love and attention.
Do this a few times this month (and on if possible) and the world will be a different place.
You are the eyes and ears of the heavens and help to bring back the earth in its original state of paradise.