July 2014 MH17

Dear Reader,

The disaster with the aircraft of Malaysian Airlines is still fresh in your memory.
I would like to let you know that the people in the aircraft have not suffered physically. In all respects they made a quick transition to My heavens. They did consciously realise that they were going to crash and there was panic on board. This panic was of a short duration however. The people could not think or do anything, the moment was too intense for that. Guidance from our side was immediate: we narrowed down their consciousness so that they did not have to experience full suffering.
They saw their lives flashing past. Everyone arrived here immediately and were taken care of. Now they are resting. They would really like to visit ther loved ones but this is not yet possible. When a big group of people dies simultaneously, we have a special way of taking care, one can compare it to a sort of quarantaine; the victims still need each other and contact with their families comes later.
You all have showed a lot of compassion and kind thoughts; this gives the victims great support.

I would like to say one more thing about the people who did this, dear reader.
These are  not professional killers. They are simple soldiers who love their land. They have been sucked into a political fight by their superiors of which they understand nothing. Their guilt is enormous. They cannot believe that one of these rockets has caused so much suffering. These soldiers cannot experience happiness anymore and the fight for their country has lost its lustre.

Politically not much good will come from this. I would like to ask you to not speak your mind about this too much. The balance in the world is delicate and what helps most is a positive, loving disposition, so try to keep it at a human and not a political level.

Let this be enough about the disaster. If you would like to do anything, please send love and light to the victims and their families, that certainly helps.

Try to resume life and also think of your own goals and happiness.
A lovely summer awaits you, with nice sunny weather. Enjoy this and concentrate on the positive side of your life, even if the outside world gives you little reason for joy.
The idea of eternal happiness should stay in the back of your mind.

Freshen yourself up, literally, by doing a water ritual on Friday July 25th, the Maya Day Out of Time.
Cleanse yourself and the world on this day. How? Be creative! Even if you just rinse a small object under the tap with the thought of healing and cleansing the Earth it already helps.
Let happiness flow!