June 2014 How to look at a problem

Looking at a problem

Dear reader,

If you like, try and make a list of items which are currently bothering you. Usually two or three things spring to mind immediately.
These we are going to work with now.
You have a few minutes to yourself at the moment. In the time you are reading this, you can make some progress solving your difficulties.
Feel your mood when you look at the problems on your list.
Then look at it as if it is something you have to reply to straight away. Openminded, detached and intuitively. What is your first reaction?
If you find it difficult looking at it from a distance, try imagining that it is the list of your friend you are looking at.

Then you react. Does anything pop up into your mind? It can also be that you hear: “It will be all right”. That is a reaction too!
It is not necessarily a solution, as well as a different way of looking at the problem. Now look at the other items on your list and apply the same method. Try to eliminate your ever running thoughts and hear the answer from the heart.
If you do not hear anything, relax for a few minutes or go and clean something, as long as your thoughts are elsewhere. In the meantime the question still lingers in your mind but you are tackling it from a different angle.

The answer can be anything:

I cannot do anything yet, tomorrow I should take action;
I accept the problem until I can do anything about it.
I have to see it in a different light;
I am now going against myself by holding on to the problem;
Now I see what I can do;
I always get the chance to solve the problems.

My solution for your problems is: Putting your trust in the goodness of the universe.

When you do this, things go much easier. Believe in the fact that a solution is always there.
Call My name and ask for help, it is always given.

If you can, take a few days extra off this month. That way you have had some rest before the stress of the big holidays.