May 2014 How to digest traumatic news


Dear Reader,

Nothing has more effect on your wellbeing than the news coming to you from outside. In this message I will suggest different a way in which you can digest information of an emotional nature.

Be comfortably seated and breathe deeply in and out. Then give your full attenion to the unsettling news that came to you. At the moment you feel your emotions drag you down, let your true feelings speak. What does your soul say? Try to see this separately from your ratio and receive the words as if it is coming from outside.
Thus you take a step backwards and leave the emotion out of the situation. Your true feelings will usuallly say something like: “Don’t identify yourself with the suffering because it does not help the victims.” The sadness, frustration and anger you have you can now transform into love for yourself and for the victims. Say to yourself and the world: “Love is coming to you, you are in helping hands.”
Be aware of the fact that we in the heavens have everything under control, even if the chaos seems evil. Know that we already are there where disaster is yet to strike.
The thing is not to lose your feelings of love and happiness. The victims, whether this be humans, animals or nature, are better served by your happiness than your pity. They need the equilibrium on earth which is necessary to put things right again and this is easier when there are positive feelings available.
Pity for the world is not as good as loving thoughts and a balanced spirit.
This takes some practice, dear reader. You cannot instantly be unaffected by all that comes to you via television, radio and other people. The fact that keeping one’s equilibrium is better for everyone including oneself, may be of help, including this daily mantra: “I keep my spirit in balance and my happiness is good for everyone.”