April 2014 Cleanse the energy in your house

Dear reader,

These first two weeks of the month are a good time to cleanse your house with incense or sage. Cleaning is fine too, but ritual cleansing has an extra effect now.
Leave all the windows open for a while afterwards and send your problems away with the wind. Difficult times have left more of a residue than one thinks.
Give yourself a little gift this month. It does not need to be something huge; a nice crystal or something you have been wanting for a while. Your house needs a little new energy that makes you happy.

Do not worry about the state of the world but try to make it a different place from within your home. You can do this by expanding your positive energy towards the street, even the entire city. See it as a large cloud of love touching everyone, including yourself. Just forget about all the misery for a minute and feel positive energy charging the whole area. If you do this once every day this month, your environment will be charged with happiness and everyone is more cheerful.
Do not think of your problems while sending the energy as that makes you tired.

You will get more energy by the enhanced frequency of the earth this month. There is a heightened activity in the earth’s surface that also causes earthquakes. This may happen again in April.
With meditation one can calm down the earth by visualising the leylines and filling these with love. This love flows over the earth like a gentle massage. It has the same effect as stroking your pet. You do not have to know where these lines  are for the meditation to be effective.

Take a little time for yourself now, two minutes does the trick!