March 2014 Feel your connection with the earth

“Dear reader,

Don’t worry too much about all the miseries on earth. Stand firmly in the middle of the storm. Now is the time of new growth on earth, both in nature and in your own lives.
Go somewhere in nature and try to connect with the new sounds coming from within the earth. Listen to her voice and send positive energy towards her.
Feel the soles of your feet connecting with the earth and let a clear beam of energy enter your body via your feet. This connection stays with you when you are home again, even when you live in an appartment which is not in direct contact with the earth.

Everything is flowering, also your loving attention for each other. Give the same love you had for the earth also to other people and know yourself a part of this enormous network of love.
Take your time doing things; no hasty decisions. Realise that you have ample time to make a decision from within your deepest self.
Now is a time of chaos on earth. Do not let yourself be influenced too much by this. Just go your own way and know that what you do out of love, will lessen this chaos.
This year will be remarkable because more people will realise that they can really change the world only by the power of their own thoughts.

Take a ten minute rest every day, dear reader and try to spend this time in nature. In your garden, in the park, even with a tree in the carpark.
Take this moment to enjoy the exchange of energies with the earth. Leave your troubles there and take fresh energy with you.
Everything will go better when you do this daily.”