Message of January/February 2014 Express your opinion

Dear Reader,

A new year stretches out before you, full of great change, in private life as well as in the world. I look upon the coming times with hope because such a large number of you have a warm heart towards this beautiful earth. This is necessary. Millions of people have been invited to contribute to the beginning of a new world. In this world love will play the central role and a new order will emerge. This is already on its way, but goes largely unnoticed.
You all chose to be here on earth at this time and each of you has a specific task to accomplish.
This year stands for expansion and expressing your heart’s opinion. People have to get used again to speaking their mind from within their deepest core. This year is one of choices. Do you choose the low or the high life? Meaning: are you letting your ego get the better of you or do you follow your soul?
Here in the heavens we try to focus our energies onto the recipients as precisely as possible. However, this becomes more and more difficult because of the veil of evil that covers the earth. We cannot undo this veil, it is you that must destroy it by love energy. Every loving thought punctures a little hole in the veil, until there is no more dark energy to be lighted.
Whatever your situation is this year, try to think positive. Know that we here do everything to help you and that all these changes will be for the better in the end. When you see or hear evil or suffering, visualise covering it with a blanket of love and harmony. This way you will not feel powerless and… it helps! Send for example love and harmony to Syria. People will receive it as a moment of happiness in their difficult lives. They feel a little better for a while, perhaps just at the moment they could not take it any longer. You can also apply this technique to your own life when things do not go well.
Do not worry too much about the world; give love, first to yourself and then to the world.