November 2018 – A glimpse into the Heavens

“Dear reader,

This time I would like to take you with me to My world, dear Reader, and that is the world of love’s energy. This world exists by the grace of My breath. I imbue matter with spirit and this then arranges itself according to a set plan to become a creation. This can be the heavens, but also the cosmos and everything in it. The heavens are created by Me and are located in a higher dimension where only very subtle energies can exist. That is why the heavens are invisible to the human eye. These heavens have different levels of energy. When you come here, you only see a layer that is tuned to your level of energy. This is why there are so many different testimonies of people who have seen it here.
Now it is time to let more people take a look into My realms so that their stories can be a guide for a better life on earth. You will all get an invitation, dear people. Everyone of you who is alive today, will be invited to come here on a visit. When this will happen depends on the way you develop yourself. Do you believe in Me, do you have love for yourself? You have to have a certain energy level in order to be able to see it all here. Trust in the fact that it will come at the right time for you. It may happen in a dream or during a moment in your life you really need it. Be aware of the fact that we know and love each of you personally. “